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  • Category and page icons

    Add icons (images) to sidebar of your site or blog into section of categories and pages.

  • Microstock photo plugin

    Millions of Microstock Photos for your Blog Easily add relevant photos to your blog posts without leaving Wordpress. Turn on the affiliate option to start earning money from links on your photos. Simple, automatic and lucrative photos for Wordpress blogs

Booking Calendar Professional / Premium

calendar_proThis WordPress plugin will enable online booking services for your site. Visitors to your site will be able to check availability of apartments, houses, hotel rooms, or services you offer. They can also make reservations and appointments with the ability to choose from multi-day, single day, or by the hour booking. Your clients can even view and register for upcoming events. With integrated Paypal support your clients can pay online!

This plugin is extremely easy to use and very flexible, built with full Ajax and jQuery support.

Requirements: WordPress 2.8 or newer, PHP 4.0 or newer, MySQL.

Features Standard Professional Premium Hotel Edition
Cost Free $119 $175 $585
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Make booking reservations by selecting dates at one or several calendar(s)
Email notifications for administrator and site visitors
Comfortable Admin panel for booking management
Easy integration into posts/pages, using TinyMCE button.
Booking calendar widget
Validations of required form fields and email field

Settings start day of week, format of date for emails and booking table, and much more…

Support of multiple booking resources (rooms, houses, cars…) 1 resource unlimited unlimited unlimited
Modification of bookings – admin can edit booking (for some corrections), which was made by visitor of your site. Emeil according modifications is also will send to the visitor.
Remarks for bookings. Administrator can add some own notes to each bookings.
Booking form fields customization, Extra fields on booking form
Emails customization for new reservations, confirmation or declining of booking
Bookings for specific time in a day
Online payment (PayPal, Sage payment support)
Week booking or any other day range selection bookings
Usage 1 site 1 site 1 site
Multiple booking at the same day Day will be availbale untill all items (rooms) are not reserved.
Season filter
flexible definition of days
Set for each booking resource (un)avalaible days.
Set higher costs for peak season or discounts for specific days.
Advanced cost management
Set discounts or additional cost for some object.
Multi booking forms
Support several types of booking forms.


Features Professional Multi Site Premium Multi Site Hotel Edition Multi Site
Functionality All exist functionality of “Booking Calendar Professional” All exist functionality of “Booking Calendar Premium” All exist functionality of “Booking Calendar Hotel Edition”
Usage Multi site Multi site Multi site
Cost $285 $395 $1170
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* Please note, after purchase you will get a link for instant download of plugin (you will be have a copy of link at your emeil also). If you have some questions or dificulties, you can contact me and I’ll help you.


If I am already buyed version of Booking Calendar and I am want to Upgrade to higher version, what I have to do ?

Please send to email your type of version and required version type, also details according previos purchase (Order ID, name, emeil, date of purchase,…) and I will send to you link for upgrade.

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